Road Closures will be in place

A strictly enforced, 500 metre exclusion zone will be established around each of the eight chimneys. Access into this zone is prohibited to the public and traffic management will be in place around the area.

To ensure the safety of the workforce and the community, the following roads will be temporarily closed on the day of demolition of the chimney stacks:

  • Brodribb Road – from the Monash Way intersection to the Hazelwood Power Station
  • Yinnar Road – from the Switchback Rd intersection to the Hazelwood Power Station
  • Nadenbouschs Road – between Switchback Rd and Brodribb Rd
Temporary Road Closures

On the day of demolition, road closures will be in place from 7.00am, until the area is been declared safe by Delta Group. 

Speed reductions and “stop and go” traffic management will also be in place along the Princes Highway, Monash Way and the Strzelecki Highway.

Please keep an eye out for signage in the local area regarding the works and changed traffic conditions.