Environmental Reporting

Chimney Controlled Collapse – May 25 2020

Hazelwood Air, Asbestos and Noise Monitoring Results

Extensive monitoring for air quality, asbestos and noise carried out in conjunction with Monday’s (25 May 2020) controlled collapse of the eight Hazelwood chimneys has returned good results.

Environmental monitoring and analyses undertaken by independent hygienists have confirmed that no external asbestos fibre impacts arose from the demolition works. This has been confirmed via both soil samples and airborne asbestos monitors, installed at numerous locations within and around the boundary of the Hazelwood site.

From a dust perspective, with reference to the EPA Airwatch Criteria, the monitoring results have confirmed that the air quality at the site’s perimeter remained of a good standard with reference to PM2.5 and PM10 post the chimney demolition.

The area where the chimneys were felled, between the power station block and the former coal slot bunker, has been designated an asbestos working area while rubble removal works continue, with appropriate safety precautions in place, and will be treated as such until a satisfactory inspection at the conclusion of removal works. All of the waste will be transported on an internal road system to the EPA-approved, on-site asbestos cell for safe disposal. Dust suppression systems will be maintained for the duration of the removal works.

These excellent results, after a period of considerable planning, should provide comfort to the local community and the Hazelwood Project contractors and workforce.

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