Demolition overview

Demolition of the former Hazelwood Power Station and mine infrastructure was a major component of the rehabilitation works to enable new uses for the Hazelwood site.

ENGIE Hazelwood appointed Delta Group, a Melbourne-based nationally recognised company, as the Principal contractor to undertake these works.

Delta Group and ENGIE Hazelwood worked with a further team of local and international technical and demolition experts, in conjunction with regulators and agencies, to develop and deliver a safe and effective demolition approach for the entire site.

The major works have now been safely completed and will be finalised during 2022.

Chimney Demolition

Hazelwood air and asbestos monitoring demonstrates good results

Extensive monitoring for air quality and asbestos carried out in conjunction with the controlled collapse of the eight Hazelwood chimneys returned good results.

Environmental monitoring and analyses undertaken by independent hygienists confirmed that no external asbestos fibre impacts arose from the demolition works. This was confirmed via both soil samples and airborne asbestos monitors installed at numerous locations within and around the boundary of the Hazelwood site.

From a dust perspective, with reference to the EPA Airwatch Criteria, the monitoring results confirmed that the air quality at the site’s perimeter remained of a good standard with reference to PM2.5 and PM10 post the chimney demolition.

The area where the chimneys were felled, between the power station block and the former coal slot bunker, has now been cleared with safe disposal of the rubble in the EPA-approved, on-site asbestos landfill cell.

Chimney collapse successful

ENGIE Hazelwood management congratulated the entire team, including the numerous local emergency services support agencies, who successfully achieved one of the major milestone activities of the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project demolition program.  

“In particular, we extend our congratulations to the demolition contractor, Delta Group,” ENGIE Hazelwood Project Director Tony Innocenzi said. “This was a sizeable and very public demolition project, and to have it carried out so professionally and successfully is a credit to Delta and its entire team.”

Mr Innocenzi said public interest in the demolition was reflected in the number of livestream views of the demolition across numerous websites.

“We nonetheless acknowledge that this was a sad day for many people, including those who are currently working on the project. The Hazelwood Power Station has played a big part in the Latrobe Valley landscape and community since the 1960s and the contribution of employees, sub-contractors and other support agencies to electricity production for the whole of Victoria is acknowledged.”