The ENGIE Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project

Demolition of buildings at Hazelwood Cooling Pond

In the interests of public safety, a number of buildings and other structures at the former Hazelwood Caravan Park, former Hazelwood Yacht Club, Aquatic Centre and surrounding infrastructure will be demolished over the next few weeks.

Vandalism has caused significant damage to these structures, which are in an increasingly hazardous state.  Some of the structures given their age are likely to contain asbestos.

The ongoing vandalism, particularly when coupled with ongoing unauthorised access, constitutes a public health and safety risk that must be addressed.

ENGIE Hazelwood has appointed demolition contractor Delta Group to remove the structures and their associated hazards.

A major project is now underway to rehabilitate the site of the former Hazelwood Power Station and Mine, with ENGIE Hazelwood committed to the delivery of a safe, stable and sustainable final landform.

The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project is delivering the safe closure, decommissioning and rehabilitation and of the former open cut Mine and its surrounds, as defined by Mining Licence MIN5004.

Works are also underway in adjoining areas not included within the Mining Licence. These programs include the demolition of the former Hazelwood Power Station and other redundant mining infrastructure, and works upon the Hazelwood Cooling Pond.

ENGIE Hazelwood’s preferred final landform for the former Mine void is a lake, which is proposed to be delivered in stages, subject to regulatory approvals. 

ENGIE Hazelwood has developed a comprehensive Concept Master Plan for Hazelwood, available here which conveys potential new uses and future investment opportunities for the site.

Regulatory Oversight

Mine rehabilitation activities are governed by the Minerals Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSD Act) and Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2019 (Vic) (MRSD Regulations), which provide the framework for the closure, decommissioning and rehabilitation of the Mine site.

ENGIE Hazelwood’s rehabilitation operations at the Hazelwood Mine are subject to the provisions of the MRSD Act and the MRSD Regulations, and relevant Work Plan approval documentation.

ENGIE Hazelwood is committed to complying with all legal obligations in the context of the final rehabilitation works.  

Our Commitments

At Hazelwood the safety of staff, contractors and the community is the number one priority.  The health and safety philosophy is “Safety First” and ENGIE Hazelwood is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace.

The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project also has a strong focus on supporting and developing local labour skills in the Latrobe Valley. Local personnel are engaged where practically possible and the Project is averaging more than 70 percent local labour content. Some specialist skills are required, in particular for the demolition works being conducted by the Delta Group.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we operate, the Gunaikurnai people, and pay respects to their elders, past, present and emerging.

The historic ‘Hazelwood’ sign at the former Hazelwood Power Station has been removed – but it won’t be forgotten.

The highly visible red letters were carefully removed on 9 February 2021 by demolition contractors Delta Group and will now go into storage until plans for its future are finalised.

The sign, set up in 1966, is about 25 metres long and each letter stands 1.82 metres (six feet) high. The letters are of varying widths with the ‘W’ the widest at some two and a half metres. Finished in red vitreous enamel, each letter was fitted with four rows of red neon tubing which provided the distinctive red sign.

Delta used high level cranes to remove each letter and lower them to the ground. Preparation works took place in the week prior which meant removal took place mostly on Tuesday morning, with the letter ‘H’ the last to come down at 12.30pm.